I’ve narrowed down the MAJOR differences between Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups, allowing you to decide which one, if not both, are right for your business.

#1. Paid Advertising: If you want to run ads, you NEED a Facebook Business Page.

#2.Forming a relationship with your audience: A Facebook Business page is a public forum. People are a little less inclined to post their struggles or their questions on a public page. A Facebook Group can be a member only platform that encourages education and support. This allows you to form a deeper understanding of your consumer while reaching them on a more personal level.

#3. Facebook’s Friendly Algorithm: Facebook’s Algorithm decreases your visibility on a Facebook page, only allowing 10% of the people who like your page to actually see your posts. Like a good salesman, this encourages you to run paid ads to broaden the reach of your content. Facebook Groups on the other hand are highly visible, allowing ALL of the members to see 100% of your posts! This is a TREMENDOUS opportunity to create top-of-mind awareness.

#4. Facebook helps your grow your email database?!: The people in your Facebook group are there for a reason. They value the content that you’re publishing and are more likely to share their email to have access to more tools and strategies. I have grown my email database exponentially without paying for a single advertisement.

Now you might be thinking at this point, “why even have a business page? I will just focus on my group page.” DON’T DO THAT! Although you built trust by providing education through highly visible posts, your audience still needs validation that you are a real business. A business page is a MUST and paid ad campaigns will always be important in scaling your business.

Example of our Founder’s “Bseen” with Samantha page

Example of our Bseen Solutions’ Business Page